School is In, Germs are Out

Today’s parents, alarmed by viruses such as H1N1, are demanding that their schools take extra precautions in the classroom, cafeteria, restroom and everywhere in between. Jan-Pro® programs, products and processes will help put your mind - and your parents’ - at ease.


Help Maintain Your Standing in the Community

Jan-Pro® provides professional church and religious facilities cleaning services throughout the Charleston area. We take pride in helping make your church a neat, welcoming, reverent place of praise and worship.


Manage Your Most Bankable Asset

How do you maintain a personal customer relationship in the age of internet banking? Jan-Pro® can help by providing a clean, inviting branch office that conveys professionalism and helps build trust.


Provide a Professional Image

Lobby to office, break room to restroom, Jan-Pro® can help provide a neat, orderly environment that boosts morale and productivity, and provides a professional image to your visitors.


Make a Good First Impression

From the lobby to the showroom floor to the sales office, Jan-Pro® takes pride in keeping you dealership neat, tidy and professional-looking. After all, you’re not just selling cars - you’re selling your image!


Maintain a Healthy Environment

A healthy medical facility environment is critical to curbing the spread of bacteria and viruses. Not to mention regulatory and liability issues. Highly trained and experienced, Jan-Pro® is ready to “scrub in“ for you!


#1 Commercial Cleaning Franchise


In Entrepreneur’s 2014 Franchise 500 rankings

If you’ve been considering investing in a franchise, chances are you have probably asked yourself this question. It is a reasonable question because in certain categories of franchising, the problem is the ever-changing nature of consumer buying habits.


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Commercial Cleaning as My Business?

Here are some excellent reasons to become part of this exciting growth opportunity: Commercial Cleaning is a rapidly growing industry. Today it generates total sales of $140 Billion, and experts project that number to grow to $155.35 billion by 2014. The commercial Cleaning industry has traditionally been under-supplied with people to service it, so there [...]

No-one else Provides Guarantees or Franchise Support Like Jan-Pro®

The foundation of most franchises is that they sell you a basic system that you simply follow. However, once you have bought the franchise the real hard work begins, as not only do you have to set up your new venture but you have to start filling the pipeline right away in order to meet [...]

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Jan-Pro® awarded Enviro Shield Exclusive

Jan-Pro® has been awarded the exclusive rights to Enviro Shield. Enviro Shield is the first disinfectant to be applied using an ESS sprayer which ensures all surfaces of the room’s contents are thoroughly disinfected when treated. The negatively charged Enviro Shield droplets are attracted to the positively charged molecules in the room creating an environment where the droplets adhere to [...]

Why Use Jan-Pro® Cleaning Services?

Commercial carpet takes a beating every day. It handles much more traffic, and experiences wear far greater than any residential carpet. It retains dirt, dust and allergens that can affect the health of everyone in your building.  And replacing it is a big investment you want to delay as long as possible. For these reasons, [...]