Window Cleaning

Jan-Pro® Window Cleaning Services – Let the Sun Shine In!

Jan-Pro® knows that window cleaning may not rank as highly as emptying the trash or cleaning the restrooms. That is, until that intense afternoon sun shines through and you see every fingerprint, every grain of dust and every swipe of the rag. And that’s just the inside! Outside, pollen, haze and manmade air pollution gathers on your windows.

If your dirty windows are leaving a less-than professional impression, give Jan-Pro® a call. Jan-Pro® provides professional window cleaning services to office and medical buildings, schools and retail centers throughout the Charleston Area.

Jan-Pro® Designs a Window Cleaning Solution to Fit Your Needs

Jan-Pro® window cleaning services begin with Consultation. We will visit your facility, assess the number and types of windows, and listen to your window cleaning questions  and concerns. Then we work with you to develop a program of thorough, professional window cleaning services that meet your specific needs.

Jan-Pro® is eager to tell you more about our services, programs and people. To find out how we can serve you, please contact us today!

Franchise Opportunities
Jan-Pro® is always looking for hard-working, motivated entrepreneurs to join our team. Visit our Franchise Opportunities page to learn more!