Hard Floor Care

Hard Floor Care: Stripping and Refinishing Commercial Vinyl Floor

Jan-Pro® of Charleston wants to know: is it time to strip and refinish your commercial vinyl flooring? There are telltale signs to look for: has the color of your vinyl floor’s finish begun to turn? Does the finish seem to be building up – in spots or in general? Does your constant mopping, spray buffing, burnishing and recoating not deliver the desired results? Then, it may be time to remove your vinyl floor’s finish.

So, grab your mops, buckets, gloves, goggles, scraper, putty knife, cloths, caution signs, floor machine, wet vac, stripping chemicals and finish, and let’s get to work!

  • First, sweep or mop-dust the area to get rid of dirt particles. You will need a scraper to remove sticky substances like gum or tar.
  • Place your caution signs in conspicuous places.
  • Mix your stripper solution according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Many manufacturers recommend using cold water. Hot water can cause evaporation that is too quick, and can produce more fumes.
  • Mop your solution onto the vinyl floor. You can only strip a certain sized area based on evaporation and the length of time it takes the stripping solution to take effect. 12’ x 12’ is a common increment.  Don’t allow the solution to dry on your vinyl floor surface!
  • Times will vary, but after 10 to 15 minutes, it’s time to move in with your floor machine and stripping pad. Always work in a circular pattern.
  • After stripping, be sure to remove any remaining solution using a wet vac with a floor squeegee attachment.
  • Using a clean mop and clean water, rinse the vinyl floor.
  • After the vinyl floor is dry, wipe your hand across a section of the floor. If you notice any powder residue on your hand, you must repeat the rinse process.
  • Now, sealer. As they age, many vinyl floor materials become porous, some develop an uneven surface, and some do both! So you will need to apply a couple of base coats of sealer finish before you apply your top coats.
  • Finally, top coats. Using a wet polyester mop, apply the first coat evenly. Wait at least 20 minutes for the 1st coat to dry, and test to make sure. Repeat the process, with a drier mop. You may need to apply up to five coats of finish.

Leave Your Vinyl Floor Care to Jan-Pro®

With proper care and maintenance, your commercial vinyl floor can provide you with years of service, and look great while doing it. But, as you can see, it takes work, and you must do it correctly. Sound like a job for a professional? Then maybe you should call Jan-Pro®. A  Jan-Pro® representative will be glad to visit your site, and help design a vinyl floor maintenance program to meet your needs and budget. Contact Jan-Pro® today!