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Commercial Cleaning as My Business?

Here are some excellent reasons to become part of this exciting growth opportunity:

  • Commercial Cleaning is a rapidly growing industry. Today it generates total sales of $140 Billion, and experts project that number to grow to $155.35 billion by 2014.
  • The commercial Cleaning industry has traditionally been under-supplied with people to service it, so there is plenty of untapped demand for quality service.
  • In spite of changes in the economy, commercial property owners and managers always need to keep their properties clean and well maintained, so the industry is often described as “recession resistant”.

Why Choose Franchising as My Business?

  • Franchising is a $1.3 trillion industry in North America that includes many of the best known consumer and commercial brand names. It is a low risk way to start your own business.
  • Franchising is a proven and very popular way to start a business, because you are buying into a system and processes that already operate successfully. You also buy “instant credibility” when you invest in a well known franchise.

Why Choose a Jan-Pro® Franchise?

  • Jan-Pro® is recognized as a major force in the Commercial Cleaning industry with over 100 regional offices and nearly 10,000 franchisees worldwide.
  • Jan-Pro® is ranked the #1 Commercial Cleaning Franchise for 2014 in Entrepreneur Magazine.
  • Jan-Pro® is also ranked #1 Fastest Growing Franchise, #1 Home Based Franchise, and the #1 Low Cost Franchise in a report by Entrepreneur Magazine.
  • A Jan-Pro® franchise allows you to make investment decisions that best suit you, and then provides you with all the systems, support services, and training you need to be successful.

No-one else Provides Guarantees or Franchise Support Like Jan-Pro®

The foundation of most franchises is that they sell you a basic system that you simply follow. However, once you have bought the franchise the real hard work begins, as not only do you have to set up your new venture but you have to start filling the pipeline right away in order to meet the overheads of the business.

At Jan-Pro® we feel there should be another way. If you are going to spend your hard earned money on one of our franchises you should at least be given every support and chance of success possible. That’s why we provide you with the clients you need to get you started in your business straight away.

So not only do Jan-Pro® offer you a well-planned system, but they provide you with some of the most comprehensive training available from any franchise and this is backed up with professional support on an ongoing basis.

A Jan-Pro® Franchise offers you:

• Guaranteed Clients

• Extensive Five Week Training Program

• All the equipment you need to get started and keep going

• Insurance

• Flexible Start Up/Investment Options

• Cash Flow Management

• Marketing Assistance

• Ongoing Support

• Help on Hiring Staff